Custom attributes in React

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If like me you need to have attributes that are not part of the HTML5 spec, and in turn are validated by React as invalid, resulting in them being omitted, then look no further.

There is a simple way of adding any attribute you deem required. react-dom gives you a handy way of injecting the attributes you need. In the example below I needed a few attributes that are used in an email template to ensure compatibility across clients:

const { DOMProperty } = require('react-dom/lib/ReactInjection');

  Properties: {
    valign: DOMProperty.MUST_USE_ATTRIBUTE,
    align: DOMProperty.MUST_USE_ATTRIBUTE,
    border: DOMProperty.MUST_USE_ATTRIBUTE,
    bgcolor: DOMProperty.MUST_USE_ATTRIBUTE

In the above I am injecting valign, align, border and bgcolor into React to stop it from validating the HTML and returning errors. If you run this more than once it will result in duplicate errors.

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